Inside  ~  Earthside,      A story of your journey from the womb to earthside​
Inside  ~  Earthside,      A story of your journey from the womb to earthside​

                                Hello, My name is Melanie Kellermann and I'm a maternity & newborn photographer in Wollongong. 

                                  I tell beautiful stories with my is lovely to meet you!

For me, being given the opportunity to meet and photograph a precious newborn is enjoyable. It’s grounding. It’s humbling. To witness a babies innocence and purity is a genuine gift. To be able to capture it through photography is an honour. My inspiration evolves from the simpleness of a new baby. The untouched features and newness of everything they embody. Soft peachy skin fine downy hair, sweet little lips. So perfect in every way yet so unique in every child!.

Wollongong Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Melanie Kellermann, is the most sought-after photographer for newborns on the NSW south coast. She photographs more than 100 babies every year, and is recognised for her work across Australia and overseas.

Warmth and Connection

Melanie feels an immense connection with her clients, and understands the BIG love as well as the niggling doubts that come with having a new baby. Expectant parents are drawn to her gentle, down-to-earth nature and signature style. 

Simply Perfect

Melanie gives 100% of herself to create images that are breathtakingly raw and beautiful, and truly worthy of their subjects. She believes every ‘sweet new blossom of humanity’ is unique and perfect, and she’ll capture the essence of who you are as a new family 

Her style is simple and instantly recognisable – a soft, grainy look that mimics film, in black-and-white or muted neutrals. She’ll wrap your baby in beautifully textured fabrics that create shape and shadow, but no unnatural poses or contrived props. Melanie also avoids extensive editing, because there’s no need to try and improve on perfection. 

Lasting Memories

Nothing flies faster than the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Once those fleeting moments are captured, you’ll want to display them somewhere you can see them every day. 

Safety First

Safety is paramount when it comes to newborn photography. You’ll only want the most expert hands on your precious new bundle! Melanie is fully trained in newborn handling techniques, and has eight years’ experience in this specialised field. Her clients attest to her expertise and, with four children of her own, Melanie knows babies!

Melanie Kellermann Photography offers a range of professionally finished canvases, prints and albums to bring your photographs to life. She will help you select images, print sizes and finishes to create heirlooms that are as unique as your family. Payment plans are available as an option

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It’s important to book your newborn session while you are still pregnant. You can read more about this on our information page.

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Can anything prepare you for the love of a baby? A previous baby, perhaps. And then you wonder, will I have enough love for the second … or third?

You will – trust me! You are an infinite well of love. I have four children aged five years to eighteen, and I still swoon for every one of them. Every. Single. Day.

When my babies were new, I remember how those first weeks flashed by! All the details – the weight of a newborn in my arms, their breath against my cheek, and the way their tiny fingers wrapped around mine – I desperately wanted to remember it all. But life with a newborn is chaos. All those moments I wanted to hang on to forever were racing past me.

Then I noticed something. When I looked at a photograph, I could instantly recall the emotion I felt when it was taken. I realised there was a way to capture that dizzying, all-consuming love.

And that’s where my journey to maternity and newborn photography began. I am an artist, and a pleaser at heart. I express my emotions through my work, and seeing the joy it brings parents is what gets me out of bed every day. The photographs I capture are unique and real, because babies are perfect just the way they are – they don’t need fancy props or unnatural poses.

I’ve been a newborn photographer for nine years now, and have been awarded a silver distinction award for my newborn photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. I live in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast, and would love to find an old house to renovate someday. Training as a midwife is also on my bucket list. My perfect day begins with coffee and Netflix in bed. It involves family, books, movies and long drives, and ends with a bowl of pasta, my husband by my side and all our babies under our roof.

I’m so glad you stopped by to hear my story. I’d love to hear yours. Let’s connect!


Melanie X


Whitney Wilson

"Melanie has a truly amazing talent of capturing the most precious moments of your pregnancy and newborn baby, moments you will treasure forever. I fell in love with her art work many years ago prior to even thinking of growing our family, I knew then she would one day capture our babies little smile, nose, fingers and toes. I booked in a maternity and newborn shoot with Melanie, I was super excited. I instantly felt a connection with Mel when we spoke, I felt so comfortable and at ease during my maternity shoot, I had so much fun doing it and eagerly awaited for what would come when our baby arrived. 8 days after we had our baby girl we were back in the studio and Melanie was so gentle and caring with our baby girl, it was like she gained another family member. Her studio is warm and welcoming and there was no rush she went with what our baby wanted and needed whether it be a feed or a little cuddle. We chose Mel for the way she creates and how intimate and personal her photos are. Our baby girl was captured in the most precious way, all her little smirks and quirks and that is something we just love. We chose the treasured album package and we love how it tells a story of my pregnancy to becoming a family. I can’t recommend her highly enough and recently she photographed my little niece. Thank you for capturing the most special parts of our journey into becoming parents.

Jacqueline Fong

I found Melanie on Facebook when I was 14 weeks pregnant and contacted her. She was very quick at getting back to me and we talked about organising a bump shoot at 30 weeks pregnant. Meeting Melanie for the first time heavily pregnant she is such a kind and warm person I felt like I had known her for years. She made me and my partner feel at ease when someone taking photos of you is not the most comfortable experience normally. We then met again after my daughter was born for our baby shoot, she was so patient and gentle with my daughter. She created amazing memories for us that I am forever grateful for. If you a looking for a great photographer who feels like an old friend and takes beautiful shots Melanie is your gal.

Collette Truscott

Melanie's photography is just beautiful.She did such a perfect job capturing our special moments with both our maternity and our newborn shoot. We now have such beautiful memories of my pregnancy and our little miracle girl. We couldn't be happier with our photoshoot! Melanie is also so lovely and super professional..our little girl pooped, piddled and vommited on every wrap she was in during her shoot and Melanie was so wonderful even though she was left with a pile of washing! 😊 We highly recommend her! Xo”

Lauren Bingham

Melanie  is an absolutely amazing photographer! She captured our baby girl perfectly. I cried during the slideshow she put together to view our photos. Love her work - worth every penny. We will cherish the beautiful photos we have of our daughter forever.

Lauren Symons

I was referred to Melanie through a friend, as I was pregnant with my twin boys and I wanted to capture that special moment. I booked 2 shoots with her, a pregnancy one and one for when the boys were born. I felt so comfortable being in front of the camera when Melanie was shooting me and my pregnant belly. I'm usually quite self conscious, but Melanie was kind and warm, making me feel at home. It was such an easy process and never interfered with the boys schedule. When I came back to preview all of the shots, I cried. Every shot was so beautiful, the most beautiful things I had ever seen. She captured every little precious detail of my boys, and I am so grateful to Melanie for giving me the gift that I will treasure forever. Anyone thinking of booking her, do it, you will not regret it!"


"My experience with Melanie was all I could have hoped for and more. She was so easy to communicate with before, during and after the shoot. Her manner was calm, her experience is undeniable. I had a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot. I treasure the moments she captured! But I think what is also really special is that I also treasure the experience- I have nothing but wonderful memories! 
Thanks Melanie for capturing such special moments. You are an absolute expert. I will definitely use MKP again if we have another baby. 
Thanks Melanie- Nirvana x”

Teagan Smith

We had pregnancy and newborn shoots with Melanie. She made me feel really comfortable during the pregnancy shoot and gave me some great direction and we got some amazing pictures! The newborn shoot was great as well, she took her time and got some amazing pictures of our little one! She knows exactly how to make bubs comfortable and look great! Defiantly coming back when we have #2.”


We couldn't be more happy with the photos Melanie took for us. We gave her a challenge with our family of 7, but she captured our precious moments perfectly. Not only is her work amazing, she is very personal, funny and made the experience very relaxing and fun. Thanks again Melanie xx

Abby Ford

"Not only are we so in love with all of the photographs Melanie has taken of our babies over the years, but thanks to her warm personality we hold such beautiful memories of each session. Her skill and professionalism make the whole experience completely stress free. We can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Stephanie Lee Luong

Melanie had her work cut out for her with our family: mum and dad who are ultra camera shy, plus two boys who literally do not stop moving until they fall asleep! Nevertheless, Melanie captured us all (even within a single frame!) so beautifully. I wish I had had known her back when to capture the first moments with my first two boys, but will forever cherish the gorgeous memories she’s put together for us now. Couldn’t recommend her enough.


Not only does she capture the love, excitement and bond of your family she is so genuine and funny you forget you are even getting photographed! Melanie was easy to work with and very professional. We loved our photos and album and highly recommend Melanie.


 "So amazed by the talent professionalism and pure love Melanie has for each and every customer we really truly love every shot she did of our 3 beauties ❤️Thank you again Melanie”

Jessica Drain Shepheard

We used Melanie to photograph my family when we were expecting our second baby and again when expecting our third. She captured the most amazing photographs of our family and my sweet babies when they were born. She is incredibly talented at what she does and I’m so glad we found her. Her photographs take your breath away. They capture the true beauty and wonder of pregnancy and newborns. I wouldn’t use anybody else to photograph my family.”

Julie Windisch

We used Melanie with our first daughter, she was professional, patient and knew exactly how to get the shot! When we had our second daughter we had no hesitation going back to Melanie, her photos are beautiful memories in our house and we always get compliments on them! I tell all my friends to use Melanie.... she definitely is the best in the business!!!!”