• What age is best to photograph a newborn and why?

To achieve the curled-up positions you see on my website, it’s best to hold your session during the first 10 days after birth. Most babies at this age are still sleepy, making it easier to curl them into those positions we all love. After two weeks, your baby becomes more wakeful. Older babies also like to stretch out, making it difficult to get that curled-up newborn look.

• At how many weeks is best to book a maternity session?

Maternity sessions are best held around 32–36 weeks into your pregnancy, when you’re at your most glowing. Sessions can either be held at one of my favourite locations at sunset (I have a secret stash) or at my studio.

• What should we wear for our maternity session?

I have a small collection of dresses from Spell, Co and Ry, Coven & Co plus more that are available to you free of charge. A what to wear guide will be sent to you upon booking.


Why not fill your home with a stunning wall collection. These are a few of my clients favourite ways to showcase their beautiful photos. Each piece is customised to suit you and your home.